Generac 5791, 800 Running Watts/850 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Inverter

Generac 5791 is a super quiet generator that perfectly meets all your mobile power needs. It runs on both cleanly and quietly two features that will make it simple to use. It is ideal for home use that will provide backup power. Most of the important settings and fuel level outputs are easily readable on the dashboard. This makes repairing and refueling quick and easy. It is easy to start and requires a single firm pull to start the engine. It is best suited for outdoors events and for home backups and you have a generator to own.

Features of Generac 5791, 800 running watts/ 850 starting watts:

The features of generac 5791, 800 running watts are given

  • It comes with a smart LED light on the dashboard that indicates its fuel level and remaining run time as well as wattage used. It has a handy low oil shutdown that protects the engine from damage.
  • This is compact and lightweight design offers portable power. It best serves someone who values convenience and mobility over high power output.
  • Its engine is protected by its automatic shutdown mechanism that is initiated whenever the oil level is too low. It allows usage when camping in national parks and forests.
  • It is lightweight and portable then a user can easily take it anywhere. It has impressive fuel efficiency.
  • It is a great portable generator with impressive fuel efficiency being small, lightweight and portable.


It starts easily and has plenty of power to run various items. If you are looking for a lightweight portable generator then based on the feedback this product is worth the price tag. It is conveniently be used for outdoors events and it is easy to store.

Generac 5791, 800 Running Watts/850 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Inverter

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